What stone do you use in your Stone Paper?

Making paper out of stone is a fascinating process.

At A Good Company, we produce our Stone Paper in a lovely, family-owned factory in Taiwan, that has improved and refined its production processes for several years.Β 

What stones are used?

Our factory uses recycled leftovers that it gets from a neighbouring construction industry β€” mainly limestone and marble β€” which it crushes into a fine calcium carbonate powder. Calcium carbonate is a completely natural product, that is abundant on the earth and used in many industries, such as construction, traditional paper making, and can be found in a range of everyday products such as toothpaste, medicine and baby powder.Β 

The calcium carbonate powder (80%) is then mixed with recycled non-toxic high-density polyethylene (HDPE) β€” a material that can be recycled almost indefinitely β€” to create small white pellets the size of candy.

In a 100% dry process that applies zero acids, bleach or water, the pellets are squeezed into a material that resembles traditional paper.

What's good about Stone Paper?

Our Stone Paper is a fantastic product, and when buying any of our Stone Paper products, we compensate every purchase with the planting of one tree, contributing to a positive environmental impact. Beyond having all the similar characteristics and usages as standard paper, our Stone Paper has some clear benefits:

  • It is water resistant.
  • It is resistant to tearing.
  • It is made with solar power.
  • It is produced using only recycled materials
  • It is produced without any added chemicals.
  • It is produced without the usage of water.

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