How have you calculated the environmental impact of your operations and manufacturing?

You can read more about how we have assessed our environmental impact here.

How we calculate our own environmental footprint?

The ambition of A Good Company is to have a new positive impact on the environment. Not only do we want to be a responsible company, we also want to inspire change and make other companies and competitors think about their environmental impact. In a perfect world, every company should climate compensate transport, choose environmentally friendly raw materials and package products in a responsible way.  

When assessing the environmental impact of any manufacturing process, it’s common to look at three main components:

  • What is the total waste water consumption from the manufacturing?
  • How much energy has been used in the manufacturing?
  • What’s the total carbon emissions from the manufacturing and subsequent shipping?

To make it simpler for you to understand how we look at our own environmental footprint and how we benchmark our environmental footprint to that of our competitors, we have decided to convert energy consumption and waste water consumption into a total carbon emission footprint numbers

But how can you convert waste water and energy consumption into a corresponding carbon emission footprint, you may rightly ask yourself? It turns out that there are established scientific ways to do so.

Co2 KG emission per second on earth banner

CO2 per second calculation
  • Calculation: 3.600. kg per year (we know it'crazy)
  • / 365 days
  • = 98 630 136 986 KG per day
  • /1440 minutes per day
  • = 68 493 150 KG per minute
  • 60 seconds per minute

= 1 141 552 kg per second (baseline for our calculation)


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