Customisation and B2B branding

If you’re considering to buy our products, you’re also able to add your own personal touch to them. Add your name, a personal drawing or the logotype of your company as a beautiful embossment on the cover, with our bespoke customisation tool.

For notebooks

We offer embossments or printing with UV that are either 4 centimetres or 6 centimetres in diameter, depending on what you think looks the best. The price for either size is the same.

To add a customised embossment to your Stone Paper Notebooks, we require you to order at least five or more notebooks, to cover plate cost, labour work and admin. We print nearby our warehouse.

The price of the customisation depends on the quantity of Notebooks that you order:

  • 5-9 Stone Paper Notebooks: €20 per notebook
  • 10-50 Stone Paper Notebooks: €12 per notebook
  • 50 or more Stone Paper Notebooks: custom printing is €5 per notebook

For Pens

We offer to print with UV on our pens. 

Price of adding logotype to pen: 

  • 5-20 Pens: €2 per pen
  • 21-100 Pens: €1,5 per pen
  • 101-500 Pens: €1 per pen
  • +500 pens: Free of charge
Pen print

How long does it take?

Getting a customised order adds an additional week to the delivery time, meaning that you will get your shipment around 10 days after placing your order, depending on your location. 

All customised orders are final, 30 days money back guarantee does not apply. 

Am I able to repeat my order?

Yes, sure. You can place an additional order with the same customisation by logging into your account on or by contacting our customer service team by

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