What are your response time?

Our swift and helpful customer service team make up an integral part of the overall experience that we at A Good Company offer to our community.

Typically we can come back with answers within 4 hours on a Monday-Friday basis.

Contact support through help@agood.com 🙃

Email Us

A Good Company loving and knowledgeable Support Team provides fast, friendly help via email or chat, Monday morning through Friday evening (CET).

We do not offer phone support. (Please don't trust any phone numbers you find on the Internet. These are likely scams.)

Why no phone support?

Phone support requires substantial staffing expenses, and is not very efficient for the type of support we offer, which usually involves exchanging shipping information and questions on products. Focusing on digital support allows us to efficiently serve our vibrant community, while keeping costs down.


We provide limited support over the following global holidays:

  • New Year's Day (January 1)
  • Midsummer (June 22-24)
  • Independence Day (on or around July 4)
  • Summer retreat (July 10-30)
  • Labor Day (First Monday of September)
  • Thanksgiving Holiday (Fourth Wednesday / Thursday / Friday in November)
  • Christmas Eve through New Year's (December 24 through January 2)

Follow-up response rate

  • Because the first response may open a can of technological worms, follow-up responses sometimes take longer. We keep the line democratic.
  • Especially tricky issues may need to be reassigned to a support specialist.
  • You are welcome to reply to any open case to request an update.

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