How does your design process work?

Our design process

We exist to create elegant, thoughtful and environmentally sustainable everyday products. And we fundamentally believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise between quality and sustainability.

As designers, we feel that the world around us has become an increasingly stressful and confusing place, where the wheels are turning ever faster, where people are increasingly polarized and where decisions come from a place of hurry rather than from a place of thought and reflection.

As we design our products, we look to convey a sense of calm. We want all our products to have a clear purpose, and we want them to sell at a price that, while not necessarily cheap, feels reasonable for the customer. We attempt to convey this philosophy in all what we do, all the way from the colours we use, to the overall design and function of our products.

A Good Company is a brand for those wanting to make informed choices. Our products should be a joy to use, and they should have intelligent and unexpected features. And maybe most importantly, they should feel be responsible choices.

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